Impress that special someone with this tantalizing pasta dish                                                                                                                                     


4 cups halved cherry tomatoes
250 gr fettuccine pasta
½  Diced onion
3 tbsp Olive oil
Salt, pepper, oregano
1 tbsp fresh chopped garlic
½ cup white wine
2 tbsp fresh chopped basil
½ cup grated parmigiano Reggiano cheese
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp FF Cayenne Hot sauce

Boil water, add salt and cook fettuccine until al dente
In a pan, heat olive oil and add onion and garlic to golden colour
Add cherry tomatoes, set to medium heat and saute' for 5 minutes
Add white wine and simmer for another 5 minutes 
Add butter and drained fettuccine
Top with grated parmigiano Reggiano and FF Cayenne hot sauce