The KitchenMix Podcast

Exciting and fun conversations with guests in the studio to share their journey in business, branding & success. Topics of food, wine choices, business, kitchen tips, recipes, and more, followed by a cool LIVE DJ set right after the podcast. 
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Part 1 - Building Our Brand

STARTS at 1:43 and you can end it at 28:00

We chat about how we came together to form Four Fathers and building this brand.

Part 2 - Side Hustle

STARTS at 31:21 and you can end it at 34:36

We do not consider our business a side hustle, or hobby, but a full time company that challenges ourselves.

Part 3 -Power of Demos or Taste Testing

STARTS at 40:46 and you can end it at 43:30

It was important for us to be present at our retailers to get customers trying our product. 

Part 4 -Across the country and parts in between. Trip to Regina

STARTS at 43:33 and you can end it at 45:39

It was amazing seeing our product first hand in places away from our homes.